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• Cinna Health Products, Poland, expands our European operations. In addition to the Polish site, our customers in Europe can order Noredol using websites in German, Czech and Slovak languages and where possible their charges are processed by banks with a local representation.

Acne most commonly begins during puberty and affects 15-20 % of adolescents.

“So,” you ask, “why at my age am I still affected by acne? What did I do, what did I change,
or was it either of these?”

The American Academy of Dermatology published a study in 1999 reporting that 54% of women and 40% of men older than 25 experienced some facial acne. Teenagers suffered at a much higher rate of 79% and 95% for girls and boys respectively.

Acne frequently occurs in adults who had skin problems through adolescence. It often continues into their 20’s or 30’s. At least one-third of adult women suffer mild or moderate of acne, and some adults develop acne even if they have had no previous history.

Acne can be aggravated by any of the following: Cosmetics made with heavy, greasy creams may irritate acne if they clog hair follicles. Excessive or repeated contact with your hands that carry dirt or bacteria may aggravate acne. Stress and general emotional pressures may have an effect on or make acne worse. Environmental pressure such as climate temperature may also have an effect upon the occurance of acne. Many women experience hormonally occurring acne one week before menstruation.

Last, though maintenance of a healthy diet is very important overall for all of us, a poor diet is rarely the cause of acne.

All of these may or may not affect us but the common respose is, “why me,” and “what can I do?”

Our best advice is to practice good hygiene. Wash with a mild soap. Try Noredol Skin Care Gel two times a day. Avoid heavily perfumed soaps. Remember that cleansing does not prevent acne, but does help control it. Noredol, a nonprescription cosmetic, helps clear redness and blemishes in skin with acne and rosacea. You must realize that acne may require longer-term care. Immediate improvement is not always apparent but be patient, the results should be encouraging. You continue to be the most important agent towards better skin care.

Favorite New Quote:
"I've used this product for several months now and I have been impressed the entire time.  My skin was acne prone since I was a teenager and now I have much clearer skin (at 35).  No product has ever done this much for me, except antibiotics."  Jess - Bow, NH

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Today’s healthy lifestyle calls for being “physical” – in practical terms, that means regular exercise. This is a good proposition for everybody, regardless of age or profession. Everyone should find his or her own exercise regime as an easy prescription to feel energized, happy and optimistic. However, those who suffer from rosacea may refrain from strenuous exercise since it can worsen their condition.

It’s easy to notice the first signs of energetic exercise as a red face with increased blood flow. This exercise-induced facial redness can, in turn, make it more difficult to keep rosacea-related redness under control with everyday preventive care. Those who start to see small, additional blood vessels on their face should be even more careful. Strong exercise, especially in a hot environment, causes increased blood flow and blood pressure in the tiny blood vessels of the face. Rosacea sufferers want to avoid this because dilated blood vessels and sudden bursts in blood flow contribute to the most advanced stages of their condition.

So, being “physical” and a rosacea sufferer means to exercise consciensciously and always have a good cosmetic handy – like Noredol Skin Care Gel – for everyday control of facial redness and other rosacea-related skin problems.


Rosacea Diet: A Simple Method to Control Rosacea
Brady Barrows, 225 pp, Writers Club Press, 2003

Power to the Patient : The Treatments to Insist on When You're Sick
by Isadore Rosenfeld Warner Books; Reprint edition (March 1, 2003)
ISBN: 0446679844

ANOTHER REASON NOT TO SMOKE is as obvious as this - take good care of your face. In the professional literature and from smokers themselves, one can find vivid descriptions of “smoker’s face”.

Smoker’s face is a combination of extensive, deep and premature wrinkles, especially at the outer edges of the eyes (crow’s feet), on and around the lips, and on the back of a man’s neck where the skin looks like a grid of tiny squares called “cobblestone wrinkles”. Add to that a leathery and grayish complexion and you have a picture of smoker’s face.

It is generally accepted that nicotine, the addictive component of cigarette smoke, interferes with vascular function to result in blood vessel enlargement. With smoking, tiny blood vessels that nourish the skin constrict and reduce the blood circulation to the skin. The skin, starved for the blood’s oxygen and nourishment, tends to compensate by enlarging the existing vessels and growing new ones.

This is where smokers and rosacea sufferers should definitely part ways. Obviously, smoking induced changes to blood vessels can add redness to the already red and damaged skin of a rosacea suffer, and may compromise their efforts to alleviate the condition. Even second hand smoke may increase a person’s vulnerability to rosacea. So it’s time to take care for yourself and make a positive decision – no smoking and no second hand smoke from other peoples’ cigarettes!



In previous notes I stressed the importance of limiting environmental factors and food ingredients triggering Rosacea. If we could substantially limit sun exposure and exclude food triggers such as coffee and tea, we could improve appearance for over 50% of rosacea sufferers. The message seems to be straightforward: no coffee or tea and please use a sunscreen. However, it’s easier to say than to follow this simple advice. I know this from my own experience. In a similar situation, my friend who uses Noredol Skin Care Gel to control facial rosacea is quite happy with the results. With his rosacea-free face, he is seeking a new job and recently he called me to say he is preparing for an important interview. Hearing some background sounds, I asked him where he was calling me from. His answer was Starbucks. He could not resist having an extra jolt of strong Starbuck’s coffee. Somehow, he has forgotten about his sensitivity to coffee.

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