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• STRESS!!! Can you relate to any of these? You’re stressed! You spoke with your doctor and she thinks your facial breakouts, and redness may be the result of STRESS! But, you’re getting married in three weeks! Your fiancée has second thoughts! Your boss wants the report completely re-written in time for the Board Meeting!

• You can do something! Prioritize! Find time for yourself. Examine what you can or cannot control. Exercise! Set a modest goal and achieve it. Don't get stressed trying for something elusive…it defeats the purpose. Does your face show the effects of stress? If so, your solution is as close as Noredol Skin Care Gel.

• Survey! A new survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Women's Health Resource Center and examined people and how they handle stress and its effect on mind/body health among women and men. Their findings shouldn't surprise us, but among their findings are:

  • 43 percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.
  • 1-in 4 Americans uses food to help alleviate stress or deal with problems.
  • People who are "very concerned" about their stress are more likely to be smokers.
  • Many reporting that they are "very concerned" about stress tend to exercise less.
  • 51 percent of women versus 43 percent of men are more likely to report more things that stress them out.

• Effectiveness! We are pleased to share the results of a study performed by dermatologists to measure the effectiveness of Noredol Skin Care Gel. Skin conditions and skin health were measured. Both doctors and subjects evaluated Noredol Skin Care Gel as being a highly effective cosmetic for sensitive skin affected by rosacea, acne and other skin conditions. The study stressed that the beneficial effects of Noredol Skin Care Gel increase with continued, daily use. Click Here to see a summary of the study and easy-to-read graphs.  

Favorite New Quote: "This is my second order! After several months working with a dermatologist this is the first product that has worked for me! I have used the product for only one week and I can see the difference already! I am thankful that I have FINALLY found a product. Thanks!" ~Nancy in CT


We frequently receive comments from customers who are happy to discover the effectiveness of Noredol. With just a few days of proper use they can show their face without embarrassing redness.

A customer from Michigan recently wrote, "I'm on my 2nd day of use - wow!! I think I've finally found THE product to use! The redness on my face has lessened considerably."

It is quite rewarding to receive such an enthusiastic comment. Noredol users should bear in mind that their newly found "red-free" skin still requires special attention. Please keep limiting exposure to triggering factors, such as sun, coffee and tea. I recall events from a recent study. One participant was enthusiastic about seeing a dramatic improvement after using Noredol for one week. She immediately booked a trip and spent the next week on the beach sunbathing. Obviously, her skin did not like it and she came back with some redness on her face. It took another few days of applying Noredol Skin Care Gel to make her face "red-free", again.


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Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling
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Mind, Stress, and Emotions: The New Science of Mood
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Rosacea Diet: A Simple Method to Control Rosacea
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Noredol takes the red out!
Photo © 2006 - Peter Chomczynski

FACETIME - Let's talk! What to know, what to remember, what to avoid

• Keep cool. Keep rosacea off. Sudden emotions like embarrassment, laughter, or stress-induced anger may trigger flushing which is a precursor of rosacea. It is unclear what role, if any, emotional factors have in the induction or exacerbation of rosacea. However, emotions are listed as common aggravating factors by about 60% of rosacea patients responding to a survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society. The same studies revealed that about 40% of respondents included stress reduction techniques into their lifestyles and almost all of them reported that it helped to control their rosacea. A positive attitude and the feeling of being in control of skin conditions are the first steps to success. The biggest part of this strategy is to find a product for everyday use that can be trusted to improve the skin's appearance and to keep a healthy and beautiful complexion. Try Noredol Skin Care Gel. Designed to enhance appearance in skin with flare-ups and breakouts, it is a new generation of cosmetic that clears redness and blemishes in skin affected by rosacea and acne.

•  Curse of the Celts? Did you know that rosacea has another name - "the curse of the Celts?" The name is derived from the fact that people with fair skin, of Celtic and Northern European origin suffer from rosacea most often. Today, "Celtic" is mostly used to describe languages and the respective cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and the French region of Brittany. About 600 BC, Celts were already spread over much of the Central Europe the Iberian Peninsula (now Spain), Ireland and Britain. They invaded Greece, Italy and reached Asia. They were the Galatians of Western Anatolia (now Turkey). In the US where many people trace their roots to Celtic and Northern European regions, rosacea is quite common. It is estimated that 1 in 20, or 13 million Americans, suffer from its symptoms.

Remember that Americans with darker skin may also develop rosacea. In African-Americans rosacea symptoms may differ from those observed in people with lighter skin. But rosacea progresses through the same stages, ultimately leading to tissue hyperplasia. The unique manifestations observed in this group are hyperpigmentations, or a darkening of skin color in areas where inflammation develops. For this reason, early intervention with products that reduce redness without aggravating the skin conditions may be recommended.

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